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Íme a válaszuk, de én már nem bízom bennük. Egy korábbi esetnél a liquidity provider-t okolták, hogy 2-3 percet késett az ugrás az árfolyamban egy eseménynél, az Interactive Brokers adataihoz képest. Múlt pénteken viszont percenként 1 tick jött egy órán keresztül.

Please be informed that, it may happen occasionally that you notice some gaps in MT4 historical data or the chart data is incomplete. This happens because the chart is not uploading correctly. If these gaps occur within the past few months, it is possible to retrieve the missing data by refreshing the chart. You may need to Right Click in the chart area and then click “Refresh”. You may also follow the below mentioned steps:
– Go to the price gap in your history center and mark a few of the last entries before the gap.
– Delete about ten entries and close the history center.
– Then right click in the EURUSD chart and select “Refresh”.
– Now check on your chart to see if the missing price data is now appearing. If this does not work for the first time, it is possible that you have to refresh the chart up to three or four times before the gaps disappear. Once the data is visible in the chart, you should also be able to see it in the history center.

If the refreshing of the chart does not work, you may need to look at manually resetting your MT4 chart data. Increasing the volume of data in the History Center in your platform is one of the option. Please follow below mentioned steps:
– Increase the quantity of bars in MetaTrader 4 settings to the maximum (MT4 > Tools > Options > Charts > Max bars in history).
– Go to the History Center in MetaTrader 4 (MT4 > Tools > History Center).
– Choose the time-frame of the necessary instrument you are interested in (double click for example on EURUSD > M1 ) and press Download.
– Don’t forget to close and re-open the platform and refresh the charts.